Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update

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Armaan states at the beginning of the episode that the pen is broken. Dadi chastises Manoj. Sanjay requests pens from the children. Kiara apologizes and offers to correct your notes with her pencil. Aryan and Krish receive the pen. Upon checking, none of the pens are working for Armaan and Abhira. Furious, Dadi begs Manisha and Manoj to look after their son.

Manoj and Manisha behave and chastise Aryan. Sanjay ought to have gotten a new pen, adds Abhira. You need my lucky pen, says Ruhi. She falters. By accident, Armaan walks on the pen, shattering it. He says, “Ruhi, I’m so sorry.” Manisha claims that when Armaan destroyed the pen you obtained, it became your unlucky pen. Manoj believes that fate is against their divorce. The divorce papers will be signed, their relationship will end tomorrow, and Dadi promises to turn around their situation and finalize their divorce. It’s Akshay Tritiya.

See the divorce papers, Armaan. Ruhi appears. He says, “I appreciate your understanding.” Ruhi says that’s okay. He expresses his emotions. He says, “You are my best and true friend; everything changed between us, but you didn’t change.” I didn’t realize someone could be so kind. Kids, Manoj, and Manisha dance. They give each other hugs. What will happen tomorrow, Kiara wonders. What shall we do, Manisha queries. Abhira sobs. You miss me right, Armaan says, and I know you don’t want a divorce. It doesn’t matter, she adds; you despise me and want to divorce me. He hugs her. You don’t care for me, so leave, she says.

They tumble onto the mattress. He says, “Don’t think it’s love; I care about you.” She awakens from the fantasy. She says, “I’ll never get love, but this dream can come true.” She sobs as she sits. I can tell you’re troubled, Abhira. Keep praying, and you’ll win every battle, Anupama tells her over the phone. She calms Abhira down. Thanks to Anupama and Abhira. I phoned you to get your legal counsel, Anupama continues. You can feel relieved because I will mail you all the documentation, adds Abhira. She is thanked by Anupama. Though her family doesn’t think highly of her, she claims to be an outstanding girl. She offers Abhira prayers.

Dadi gives the family a lecture in the morning. She continues, “I had another idea for today. I should find the gold coins that are hidden throughout the house and give them to Maa.” Madhav pulls Abhira aside. It’s the family’s rasam, explains Abhira. You must perform this rasam because you are my daughter, he says. If Dadi will maintain her animosity today, he asks. She can make the rasam, but Dadi claims she won’t gain any benefit from it. Everybody scrambles to locate the coins. Abhira exclaims, “I got a coin by chance,” as she selects a magazine.

It is another currency for Abhira. Manisha claims Abhira is finding the coins with ease, even though Dadi had hidden them securely. Abhira claims, “I won’t get more; it’s my habit to hide things at such places.” Yes, your destiny won’t always be on your side, argues Ruhi. More coins are found, which Abhira displays. Madhav remarks, “Ahh, Abhira, you found every coin.” No, the last one is left, replies Abhira. The penny is fastened to Dadi’s saree pallu, which she finds. This is what Manisha refers to as fate. Abhira falters. She is held by Armaan.

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