Jhanak 9th May 2024 Written Episode Update

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Shrishti asks Anirudh why he is stating this at the beginning of the episode and whether Jhanak has done anything. I don’t want to talk about it, he says. Choton asserts that Anirudh brought her here and believes he has the right to chastise her, even though it is inappropriate because she has done nothing wrong and is a guest. He stands up for Jhanak. Jhanak requests that the rasam be continued. If Anirudh offends Jhanak, Vinayak warns him that it would also be their offense.

He says, “Anirudh, this is not what we expected from you.” Tanuja and Shubh perform the rasam. They display a lot of jewelry. Arshi, according to Shrishti, doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry. Shubh says it doesn’t mean we won’t still give her jewelry; the wedding will still take place. He bestows the presents and compliments Arshi. The diamond bangles are given by Tanuja. Shrishti remarks, “Wow, that was a great choice.” Arshi is blessed by Tanuja.

Choton is asked to come by Shrishti. Choton claims that my blessings are worthless. Fine, says Shrishti. She asks Bipasha and Lal if they would like to make rasam. Lal agrees. Appu disputes. Lal and Bipasha offer presents and perform the rasam. I won’t perform the rasam, Appu claims, and I don’t love or like Arshi. Jhanak is asked to dance by Shrishti. Jhanak declines. She is forced to dance by Shrishti. Mann Mohana is danced by Jhanak. Anirudh notices Jhanak’s foot is bleeding.

Everybody applauds Jhanak. Choton, Jhanak’s foot is bleeding, according to Anirudh. You just have to pick one road and follow it, Choton adds. “You have lost yourself without humanity; I was once proud of you, but now I’m ashamed and poor.” Who wants to again see the same dance? According to Shrishti, you merely do classical dance. Everyone would have preferred it if you had studied a different dance style. Jhanak queries why he should learn; he doesn’t intend to pursue this as a career. She is argued with by Shrishti. Vinayak comments, “I thought your dance was great.”

“I would like to give you a gift from my mother’s side,” Jhanak says. If Mum was alive, she would have come to bless you.” Giving the diamond ring to her. Everyone observes. Please take this, Jhanak says. I will be pleased that you honored my mother and accepted her blessing. How did you obtain this, Arshi wonders. It’s an expensive diamond ring, according to Bipasha. Yeah, Jhanak replies, it doesn’t matter in front of Arshi.

Lal queries who provided you the cash. Did you steal money from Anirudh, Dadi asks. Jhanak responds, “No, I took out a bank withdrawal to buy this ring.” She responds to Shrishti. I give the ring to Arshi. If you need it, she says you can return it. Jhanak answers, “Never, I will never need it. I just pray that nothing will happen to make me powerless to take back my mother’s blessings. I want Arshi and Anirudh to be happy forever.”

You have blood on your foot, says Anirudh. It is visible to all. Appu says, “Get the medicine; it’s blood.” How did you observe this, Arshi wonders. I just noticed the blood on the carpet, Anirudh claims. Jhanak adds, “I’ll go clean the wound; it’s okay.” Shall I get a bandage, he asks. Choton responds, “Go ahead and take the picture; I’ll take care of her.”

Arshi and Anirudh had their picture taken. Jhanak is under Choton’s care. I don’t need a bandage, she says. She is noticed by Anirudh. Vinayak says, “Sit, I’ll get the bandage.” Jhanak notices Arshi and Anirudh. Choton responds, “This is my blessing for you; your life will change too. You will become famous.” Vinayak receives emergency care. Don’t touch my feet, Jhanak commands. Choton remarks, “You’re not like my daughter, but you’re still a mother, and it’s okay to touch your feet.” She also reprimands him frequently. He assists. Anirudh and Jhanak cross paths. Teri meri…plays…

Precap: Jhanak is looked after by Anirudh. I assure you, he continues, that you will concentrate on your academics. Jhanak considers her sentiments and pledges to him.

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