Jhanak 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update

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Anjana approaches Jhanak at the beginning of the episode and inquires as to whether she is hurting or is okay. Jhanak adds, “After enduring a lot of pain, I don’t feel the pain anymore. Choton did the bandage.” Her eyes find Anirudh and Arshi. She says, “I’m fine, don’t worry.” She looks aside, sobbing. Jhanak takes care of her foot at night. She asks herself why she is suffering, why I shouldn’t be wounded, why I have hope in Anirudh, who brought her this far, even though he belittles and doesn’t trust her. Jhanak is introduced to by Anirudh.

He gets into a fight. He responds, “Don’t worry about your health; I’ve come to help.” I will take care of my health, she promises. No, he adds, I’ll take the fallout if something were to happen to you. “I won’t do,” she says, adding, “I have no loved one to blame you.” He claims that someone will appear eventually. You are getting Aditya in between, she says. “I’m talking about someone else,” he says. I don’t have anyone in my life, she says. Yes, your father is still alive, he says. I don’t know him and I don’t want to know him, she says.

She claims that I will never see her and that I don’t care about him. We don’t know what the future holds, so Anirudh says, “I have a few things to clear up. I’m not as frustrated as you are. You have to come get your tetanus shot tomorrow.” Why, she wonders, is it necessary? I don’t want any conflict in this house, he says. She says, “I’m fine; you should have let me go.” Should she reveal the foot, he asks. Holding her foot, he chastises her for Aditya.

When he notices the deep cut, he remarks, “It’s not going to heal well; you could get hurt.” Do you care, she asks. Did you take any painkillers, he asks? No, she responds. He says, “Take this painkiller; I got it because I knew you would do this.” She hurls the medication. They dispute. He gives her the medication under duress.

“This is imp. I’ll apply the bandage. I have antiseptic cream.” Aiding her wound, he does it. Teri meri…plays… She sobs. You should be crying because he asks if it hurts a lot. She believes you are blind and incapable of seeing or comprehending anything. You ought to have taken medication, he argues. I want something to happen to me, she says.

He continues, “I apologize for what I said to you that day. I lost my cool when I saw you with Aditya and thought you weren’t that girl.” I didn’t guarantee you anything, she claims. He claims, “I was thinking about you, and I got mad when I saw that thought breaking.” She queries who asked you to consider that. He claims that it developed on its own and that you must have thought about me. She seems to be concerned; why is that?

He says, “Humanity, let’s support one another. Stop comparing me to other people.” She says, “You can leave; I’m fine.” He apologizes. You insulted me in front of everyone, she continued, so please accept her apology and move on to your next sorrow. He says that since you also disclosed the shooting, the scores are now equal. Certain scores, according to her, are never. He gives her a look. Aye Zindagi plays

According to Bipasha, I witnessed Anirudh entering Jhanak’s chamber, and today was his Ashirwad rasam. Lal accompanies her. If you don’t pass, you won’t be accepted into any field and you could end up becoming a big star in Mumbai.” I don’t want all of this, Jhanak says. It’s up to you, she says; you should take advantage of the opportunity to become independent; what’s the big deal? Live your life as you choose; you’ll get money, notoriety, and notoriety; you can respond to insults; what’s wrong?

He envisions getting married to Arshi. Bipasha and Lal enter Anirudh’s room. She claims he isn’t here and that it’s horrible that she let Anirudh into her room. She also claims that everyone should be aware of his actions and that she saw him heading to Jhanak’s room. Lal answers in the affirmative, saying we’ll go find him out. I shall summon the doctor here, Anirudh says. I’ll go get the injection.” “Am I so bad?” he asks. “I have no answers,” she says. About her tests, he inquires. “I will give it,” she says. He says all right, I’ll take care of everything, just get to work studying. I told Rahul about the exam location; he wasn’t able to call you because he was hurt, so you gave him a call.

No, I don’t want to call, she responds. She claims I haven’t studied in a while. I’ll take care of everything, he says. Why are you pitying me, she asks. He claims, “You’re playing me.” No, you said I’m bad, she responds. I assure you that you will take your examinations, he says. Yes, promise, she replies. She’s got his hand. Bipasha and Lal arrive to take their photo. As soon as they walk in, they start a scene. Bipasha severely chastises Anirudh. Jhanak sobs.

Precap: Jhanak is looked after by Anirudh. I assure you, he continues, that you will concentrate on your academics. Jhanak considers her sentiments and pledges to him.

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