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Anupama is told by Toshu that she is excellent if she thinks about improving herself, and that he is the devil if he thinks about improving himself. He claims that despite Aadhya’s constant insults and poor communication skills, you went to Anuj’s residence to look after her. He demands payment from her for the money he spent on her. When Kinjal asks, is he angry? I’ll teach you how to calculate it, Toshu says. He adds up the rent, groceries, coffee, shampoo, and other costs, which come to more than $3,000.

He says you owe Rs. 3570 USD, including today’s decorations. You have to give me this amount, he says. Anupama remembers the day when he was little and was startled and hurt. She promises to give him an answer and complete his bill by tomorrow, stating that she will never forget this day until the day she dies. She hands him her award and apron, tells him to wait till tomorrow, and walks away. When Kinjal is upset, she leaves. Toshu updated the number since he believes he forgot to add the $35 cake. He consumes it.

Anupama makes a self-inquiry to ensure that no one ruins her special day. She responds, “Toshu, this is my day. I will respond, but not today.” She claims that today is her day, her happy day and that she will enjoy her win and keep her mind clear of all negative thoughts. Anupama is recognized by a guy who approaches her to take a selfie. He praises her after taking a selfie with her. Anupama did it, he claims. Happy, Anupama declares that she has succeeded.

Anupama visits Anuj at his home. She is greeted by Anuj, who exclaims, “You did it.” He declares, “I’m so glad.” Anupama claims that she felt she was out of the running when Mr. Keith declared Mr. Lee the winner, but then he announced my name as the winner. She claims she was taken aback to discover she had won when she heard everyone applauding her name. You accomplished it, Anuj tells her, hugging her in appreciation. Arriving in a wheelchair accompanied by the nurse, Shruti appears distressed.

When Toshu spits poison, Kinjal approaches him and queries why he is eating sweets. Toshu corrects him, saying he is wrong if he makes a money request. She claims he should have asked for her. I have the right to my mother, he argues. He is asked by Kinjal not to sever Mummy’s path as the dog and cat. You’re insulting me, he says. Kinjal claims that she is demeaning to cats and dogs. She claims that I have incurred all of the costs that you counted but you did not. If she goes back to India, what will she do, he wonders. Kinjal adds, “I’ll bring my daughter along.” Pari claims that, unlike Ansh and Ishu, she wants both of her parents. She requests that they not fight. Pari gets a call from Kinjal.

Anupama is asked by Anuj to describe her feelings after winning. Anupama begs him to eat some sweets first and says she would let him know. When Anupama is ready to force him to consume candy, Shruti congratulates her. Anupama asks Shruti to start with some dessert. Shruti asks when she is returning to India and replies that she will have it. There is nothing left for you here, she continues, adding that you have proven yourself worthy of this place.

She claims you may build a restaurant in India and get investors if you travel there. When is she leaving then, she queries. She continues, “Anuj and I have discussed hiring someone because you won’t have enough time to manage Aadhya.” Anupama claims she was not thinking. Anuj states that the choice will be yours. Saying yes, Shruti inquires as to what you would like.

Vanraj gets agitated as he considers Anupama’s triumph. You will sleep, according to Kavya, if you can learn to be content when others succeed. Is Anupama returning to India, he queries. She asks to come here if that’s okay. Never, says Vanraj, adding that when they see her, everyone in the house and the neighborhood will dance. He states that Anupama will remain there and take care of Anuj’s wife and daughter.

I came here for my daughter Aadhya, and I can stay here till she gets better, Anupama says. I don’t want to go anywhere else. She says, “Don’t worry about my life; it’s in the hands of the best player.” Whose hand, Shruti wonders? Kanha ji’s hand, Anupama says. If I may go to my room, she says. Sure, Anuj responds, asking her to treasure this particular moment.

Yashdeep and Beeji are putting the tiffin together. She inquires about their eatery and finds out if anyone has purchased it. It doesn’t matter, Yashdeep adds; we’re heading to India the following week. He promises to engage in organic farming. Beeji promises to operate the tractor. He remarks that you don’t drive well. He expresses relief that every employee now has a job. He is asked to share his feelings with Anupama by Beeji. Anupama claims she doesn’t need anyone because she is content within. With one week remaining, Beeji asks him to explain his decision and adds, “Let her make it.”

Baa requests that everyone have gobi. When the reporters arrive, they question Baa about Anupama’s triumph. Baa claims that her diary gave her the strength to triumph and identify herself as her daughter. Since he has been eating meals prepared by Anupama for years, the reporter asks Vanraj if he believes she will prevail. Vanraj expresses his happiness and pride in her, but she will manage her achievement on her own. After saying thank you, the reporters go.

The neighbors visit and express their gratitude to Anupama. Baa claims to have taught her how to cook. Since she was constantly in the kitchen with Anupama and on swings, the neighbors asked when she taught. Anupama reflects on Toshu’s remarks. Opening the diary, she notices it. Anuj arrives there. Choti, according to AnupamaAnuj gives her a yes sign. She claims that her hatred would not go away. She can only do this, he says.

Precap: Anupama explains that she has had a lot of hardships since moving to America. She claims that she is starting over and becoming Anupama, a successful businesswoman. Yashdeep opens his restaurant. Kanha Ji is prayed to by Anupama.

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