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When Toshu enters the hall, he sees Anupama. He says, looking startled if you missed your beloved son and came here so quickly. After claiming to have come to give him something, Anupama pulls something out of her purse. She is asked by Toshu to leave the check blank. Anupama displays the invoice for all the costs she incurred while supporting him before his marriage. She asks him to read the list and states that you have donated one and Maa has given another.

She claims that the children both repay their mother’s kindness by keeping her at home for their own needs. It is the list of 9100 days * three meals a day, plus additional on occasion, according to her. She requests a daily meal count from her. She begs Kinjal to write that she prepared a special meal and kada for him as soon as he recovered. She informs me that because you computed the cost of one cake and one candle, the next computation will account for 25 cakes and 25 candles.

When you used to cry, I used to stay up all night making you sleep in a dry location and forcing you to sleep in a wet place. I also calculated how much pain to bear while giving birth to you. She claims she used to be up when he studied, arguing with everyone on his behalf, and she begs him to figure up how much it would cost to massage and feed him, begs Rakhi to get him married, sell her jewelry to buy an engagement ring for you, and settle this compensation. She begs for your help, saying she didn’t figure out how much her motherly love is worth.

She asserts that nothing can make up for the maternal love Kanha ji showed, not even ten births can. Your father cannot even afford to pay it, she says. Toshu blots his sweat. While Anupama won’t give you money, she can offer you a job if that’s what you’re interested in. She claims that while narrow-minded people can glimpse visions, they can never realize them.

Upon returning home, she discovers Aadhya dancing in her room. She smiles. Aadhya becomes agitated after missing the step. Anupama considers ways to support her. She has an epiphany. She plays the song after going to her room. Hearing the music, Aadhya recognizes the step and starts to dance. In her room, Anupama is also dancing. Shruti hears the sound of music. After witnessing Aadhya dance, Anuj asks God to bring them together.

Baa inquires of Dimpy about the cash that Anupama has purchased. She can buy a restaurant here, according to Dimpy. Anupama can purchase this house from Baa and rent it out. According to Dimpy, Anupama and Anuj will travel to India for her nuptials. When Anuj and Yashdeep collide, the bags drop out of his hand. Bags are chosen by Anuj and Yashdeep. Anuj extends his greetings. Next week, Yashdeep says, we’re off to India. I still stand by my offer, Anuj says. We have chosen to depart, according to Yashdeep. Before departing, Anuj requests a meeting. Without meeting Anupama, Yashdeep claims he must depart. They make their way out. Beeji asks Yashdeep to share his emotions with Anupama. Anuj detects their sound.

After returning home, he delivers Anupama the laddoo ingredients she asked him to get for Aadhya and gives her a saree as a gift. To all three of you, Anupama extends her gratitude. She tells him she has mail for Hitachi Wang and wants him to help. Anuj reads the news and acts as though it’s shocking. What did I do, wonders Anupama. Anuj tells her that Hitachi Wang will be opening a new restaurant and has offered her the position of head chef. He says it’s fantastic news. Anupama feels content. While preparing laddoo for Aadhya, Anuj begs her to take some.

Anupama says she is honored that Mr. Wang is offering her this position, but she still needs to do another task. She visits Yashdeep at home and brings sweets for both Yashdeep and Beeji. And she gives him the check. Yashdeep declines to accept it. He is asked to pay the money so that Anupama can use it to relaunch their restaurant. She assures him that they will do so. She claims it’s more than simply a restaurant—it’s also a dwelling and a temple. If the restaurant succeeds, she promises to get her family back. She gets them to agree to accept the cash. Saying that their relationship will alter and that she will become a co-owner of Spice and Chutney, Yashdeep accepts the money but with a condition. Anupama is surprised.

Precap: Anupama, the chef, signs the documents and declares that she is going to become a businesswoman. She acknowledges that there is a significant risk involved, but who doesn’t take a risk in order to succeed?

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